typical sublevel open stope succedent filling processes apparatus

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Laboratory Testing of Cemented Rock Fill for Open Stope

Cemented rock fill CRF is often used for support of open stope voi ds. This allows full recover y of ore while. achieving global mine stabi lity. In such cases, the exposed CRF masses requir e

Geotechnical Design for Sublevel Open Stoping 1st

Apr 01, 2014· Up to8 cash back· Book Description. Theprehensive work on one of the most important underground mining methods worldwide, Geotechnical Design for Sublevel Open Stoping presents topics according to the conventional sublevel stoping process used by most mining houses, in which a sublevel stoping geometry is chosen for a particular mining method, equipment availability,

PDF Sublevel Stoping Underground Mining Methods

Sublevel stoping: configuration method in stopes where the ore is detonated by drilling a fan. or parallel large part of the ore is removed from the stope as it is being detonated, leaving. open

Considerations for Sublevel Open Stoping OneMine

A raise driven either at the end or in the middle of the stope if stope access is from both ends provides a start for opening up a vertical slot across the stope to establish a free or open face for long hole drilling and blasting. Sublevel stoping has proved to be a relatively safe and economical system.

Sublevel open stopping assignment SlideShare

Dec 16, 2014· Sublevel open stopping sublevel stoping is a vertical mining method in which a large open stope is create within the vein. This open stope is not meant to be occupied by the miners therefore ,all work of drilling and must be performed from sublevel within the ore block. Three different variations of sublevel stoping are practiced 1.

SubLevel Stoping Introduction to Sublevel Stoping

When designing a sublevel stoping production sys tem, it should be kept in mind that production rates from conventional sublevel stopes vary widely through out the life of the stope. Early production is at a low rate, coming only from the drawpoints near the slot, but increases as new drawpoints are reached by the stope

Optimization of Stope Structural Parameters Based on

Oct 22, 2014· Sublevel stoping..Underground mining methods 1. Hassan Z. Harraz [email protected] 2014 2015 This material is intended for use in lectures, presentations and as handouts to students, and is provided in Power point format so as to allow customization for the individual needs of course instructors.

Sub level open stoping

The O640 stope was the next stope within the 3000 orebody that reached final design phase. This stope was scheduled to start production in August 2006. The opportunity was taken by the author to shed light on the process of sub level open stope SLOS design as it is practically done in the industry.