Do you know where Arashiyama is !?

Bamboo Forrest in Arashiyama

Most people think one of the most beautiful landscape in Kyoto is Arashiyama, like “Bamboo Grove(Forest)”, The World Heritage Site “Tenryuji-Temple” and Togetsu-Kyo Bridge”.

If I say these places are not in Arashiyama, you would be surprised, would you? I am also very surprised when I knew it.

And actually, the addresses of these spots are not in Arashiyama. I’am going to explain why.

Actually, the address “Arashiyama” is opposite from these tourist spots at Katsura River. The spots I said above like Tenryu-ji Temple and Bamboo Forest are in Ukyo-Ku ward, Kyoto city. But the opposite bank of Katsura River is in Sakyo-Ku ward and this is Arashiyama originally.

And “Yama” in Japanese means mountain. So it is originally a name of a mountain. So which mountain is “Arashiyama” mountain ?

Arashiyama from Togetukyo bridge

When you see for upstream of Katsura River, it looks a valley and both sides have mountains.

And the mountain at the left side is Arashiyama, famous for its beautiful scenery of cherry blossom and autumn leaves.
By the way, the mountain at the right side is Ogurayama(Kameyama) mountain, famous for “Hyakunin Isshu(100 selected poems)” is selected and the birthplace of “Ogura An(red bean paste for Japanese sweets)”.

Around scenic mountain on the right bank of Katsura River(at Sakyo-Ku ward,kyoto) became to be called Arashiyama, then left bank(at Sakyo-Ku ward,kyoto) called Arashiyama too nowadays.

So Tenryu-ji Temple and Bamboo Forest is not actually Arashiyama, but also called Arashiyama. Strange.

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