「Tourist Spot」の記事一覧

Tenryuji Temple: Must visit Zen Garden registered as World Heritage Site.


Never forget to visit Tenryuji temple for Arashiyama&Sagano area. The World Heritage Site Tenryuji temple is in front of Randen Arashiya station. This is head temple of Rinzai Zen Tenryuji-ha sect and No.1 in 5 big zen temple in Kyoto. There are various flowers bloom season by season in Zen Garden of Tenryuji. You must・・・

Togetsukyo bridge’s history and the story of its name.


Togetsukyo bridge represent the landscape of Arashiyama. Viewing colored leaves from Togetsukyo bridge is a highlight for tourist in Kyoto for long time. The name of Togetsukyo bridge means “moon passing bridge”, however, it is called Horinjikyo bridge originally. When it was started to be called “Togetsukyo” bridge? And why is it called “moon pass・・・

Go Bamboo Forest in early morning.

One of the most famous tourist spots in Arashiyama&Sagano area is Path of Bamboo Forest(Bamboo Grove) in Sagano. Walking down the Path of Bamboo Forest is really refreshing. It’s a moment that you feel “Japan”. However, there are many people in the forest, because it is well-known, specially in the afternoon on weekends. It’s difficult・・・