Go Bamboo Forest in early morning.

crowded in Bamboo Forest

One of the most famous tourist spots in Arashiyama&Sagano area is Path of Bamboo Forest(Bamboo Grove) in Sagano. Walking down the Path of Bamboo Forest is really refreshing. It’s a moment that you feel “Japan”.

However, there are many people in the forest, because it is well-known, specially in the afternoon on weekends. It’s difficult to feel the value of Bamboo Forest when it is crowded. Bamboo Forest should be experienced in silence.

So I highly recommend that you go to Bamboo Forest in the early morning.

Bamboo Forest is usually crowded from about 10am. So you should go there as early as possible.

If you can get accommodation nearby Arashiyama&Sagano area, it’s best option if you plan to visit the Bamboo Forest in the early morning and experience tranquility.

However some people are not staying around Arashiyama, so go to Arashiyama as soon as possible, then go to Bamboo forest at first.

There are JR, Randen(Keifuku Rail) and Hankyu station around Arashiyama. The nearest stations from Bamboo Forest are Randen Arashiyama station(about 5 minutes walk) and JR Saga-Arashiyama station(about 8 minutes walk). If you come from Hankyu Arashiyama station, it may takes over 15 minutes to Bamboo Forest.

The air in Bamboo Forest is fresh in early morning. You will enjoy the special atmosphere.

no people in Bamboo Forest

You can take a photo of Bamboo forest without people, so you want to take a good picture, you’d better to go there before 7 am.

And there is a Torokko Arashiyama station(Sagano Touristic Rail). You can take the touristic train and sightseeing in Hozukyo valley along with Hozu(Katsura)River after walking Bamboo Forest. And Then back to Arashiyama by a touristic boat. It could be still around noon, so you have enough time to go many spots in Arashiyama and Sagano.

Many people believe there are very crowded in Bamboo Forest. But you can enjoy the calm atmosphere of Bamboo Forest easily. So I highly recommend that you go to Bamboo Forest in early morning.

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